Weekend-long hacking competition focused on privacy, individual freedom, decentralization and viable system exploits. Each track will have three winning teams awarded with prize money (cryptocurrency) & sw from the sponsors. Code submissions have to be open sourced.

Paralelní Polis' mission is to bring alternatives and tools for preventing authoritarian tendencies in society. Hackatoshi’s Flying Circuit is an intervention of cypherpunks into both virtual and physical public space to concentrate inspiration and knowledge to address sick parts of the system and fix them with solutions resulting from privacy and decentralized principles.

Prize money (paid in cryptocurrency):
1st = $1000
2nd = $500
3rd = $200
+ sw licences


Individuals over 18 yo. 


Any submission related to Privacy, Decentralization or Urban Hacktivism is accepted. There isn't a particular tech stack required. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$4,000 in prizes

2nd place (2)

1st place (3)

+ JetBrains IDE 1y licence
+ MediaHub PP usage over the summer
+ ReactiveConf presenting spot

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Judging Criteria

  • Feasability
    The level of actual materialization of the project
  • Creativity
    Out of the box thinking about the problem/project
  • Finesse
    The variety and depth of skills used for the hack

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